EC: DCS Platform Migration (IPC620)

Process Control Systems: Weidmuller’s IPC620 migration system is an easy and modular solution to migrate from a legacy distributed control system (DCS) to a new control system without the need to change any of your existing field wiring. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice Awards Winner.
October 15, 2015

Weidmuller’s new universal conversion/migration platform substantially reduces the time and expense of updating your legacy DCS to any new DCS or PLC control system.

  • The key to the new migration platform is the design, it permits your existing field wiring to remain in place and undisturbed on the front panel adapter, thus eliminating the need to wire trace or ring out all of your I/O points.
  • The assembly is a universal system that works on all legacy Honeywell IPC620 DCS, enabling you to seamlessly migrate to any new control system.
  • The entire solution consist of only two card adapters (12 or 22 point) and their matching cables. The card adapters are cURus approved and the cables are UL and CSA listed in addition to RoHS and FT4 rated.

This new solution reduces the time needed to upgrade a DCS from months to just hours.

Weidmuller North America,