EC: Series 84 Halo Compact

Hardware - HMI, operator interface, thin-client: The Series 84 Halo Compact is a unique multi-functional switch that provides the most common status indication features in a single all-in-one solution with animated lighting sequences and multiple combinations of LED colors. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice finalist.
October 15, 2015

Series 84, EAO Corp.The Series 84 Halo Compact is a unique all-in-one switch that has reshaped an entire industry. These unique pushbuttons provide the ability to indicate up to 8 functions within a single switching unit. Each process can be identified by different colors of LED illumination and/or animated lighted sequences. End users are able to equip their products with an illuminated switch capable of displaying a variety of status indicators while remaining contained in a singular unit.

This unit is ideal for applications where one color may not be enough, where panel space is severely limited, or a complex system is neither required nor affordable. The Series 84 Halo Compact’s switching elements have the ability to provide ring illumination of five different colors within the switch bezel, as well as another independent LED that can illuminate the center of the lens. Moreover, the switching element also makes it possible for as many as eight different status messages to be easily displayed in animated sequences. The settings of the Series 84 are pre-programmed to allow for easy implementation and "plug-and-play" use.

Additionally, the Series 84 features an integrated electronic feature that allows for either a maintained "on" or "off" function, meaning no additional switch is required as is necessary with other products. The ability to utilize contained pre-configured illumination functions allows the consumer to save time and money.

This switching element is designed to retain full functionality even in harsh applications. It features IP67 sealing making it resistant to both water and oil. The unit is designed to maintain this reliable usage for over 1,000,000 cycles of operation giving great value to the end user.

These distinctive switches are ideal for a range of markets including machinery, industrial automation, medical equipment, access control and security, along with public use applications.

EAO Corp.,