SI Giants 2023 average system integration revenue increases

Supply chain, staffing and COVID-19 are main concerns among SI Giant system integrators.

By CFE Media November 23, 2022


Learning Objectives

  • Understand key trends and attributes and advice among the SI Giants 2023; on average they produced more system integration revenue than SI Giants in 2022.
  • Supply chain and staffing are among SI Giants biggest corporate challenges.

SI Giants 2023: Insights

  • Annual Control Engineering and Plant Engineering research shows an increase in average system integrator annual system integration revenue.
  • Leading concerns among the SI Giants 2023 respondents are supply chain issues and lead times as well as staffing.

With more system integrators reporting, the average system integration revenue among SI Giants 2023 increased among system integrators reporting, compared to a year ago.

80 system integrators comprise the 2023 SI Giants, a ranking by system integration (SI) revenue for the most recently completed fiscal year, of control and automation system integration firms participating in the Control Engineering and Plant Engineering (CFE Media and Technology) Global System Integrator Database; 70 reported last time. This year’s table of 2023 SI Giants follows.

Because it’s never the same set of SI Giants firms from year to year, data comparisons may mislead. Ten more SIs reported among 2023 SI Giants. Even so:

For 2023, average system integrator revenue per system integrator reporting: $40.55 million.

For System Integrator Giants 2022, average system integrator revenue per system integrator reporting: $31.68 million.

Andritz moved into the top spot in system integration revenue. Second place RoviSys showed a double-digit gain in system integration revenue compared to last year. Some firms that fell in rank increased in revenue, and the highest and lowest ranked system integrators on the list also increased in SI revenue. Quad Plus moved to 3 from 6. Automation NTH moved to 23 from 27. Multi-Dimensional Integration moved to 27 from 29.

Learn more about the 2023 System Integrator Giants.

System integrator concerns, education

Research and data collection from the SI Giants includes views on corporate challenges and educational and mentoring topics. With evolving concerns affecting, the survey updated prompted replies. COVID-19 concerns and issues fell from 54 to 16% as the biggest corporate challenge, but a key component among those concerns was added in the most recent survey as its own choice and ranked highest. Supply chain issues, lead times at 29%. Staffing remained in second at 18%, though in a statistical dead heat with COVID-19 at 16%.

Top 5 “Biggest corporate challenge last year” among 2023 SI Giants

  • 29% Supply chain issues, lead times
  • 18% Staffing: Hiring, retaining, training employees
  • 16% COVID-19 concerns and issues
  • 13% The rising costs of automation system integration materials and equipment prices
  • 13% The rising costs of automation system integrator labor.

Leading education and mentoring programs offered to engineering staff

  • 88% Attend webcasts during business hours
  • 86% Paid attendance to conferences/tradeshows
  • 84% Formal internal mentoring (such as 1:1 pairing)
  • 81% Paid training and testing leading to professional certifications
  • 81% Purchase e-learning courses/materials.

The survey included two write-in questions. The first three answers for each follow that included the word “project.” (Why? “Best project” was the article submission theme for this year’s “Global System Integrator Report.”)

What are the attributes of the best system integrator customers?

  1. Understanding we are in a partnership, collaborative alignment
  2. Provides feedback in a timely manner
  3. As a project moves forward our partnership becomes stronger.
  4. Makes work fun!

Our best clients are looking for a partner and want to form a relationship geared toward long term mutual benefits. They communicate openly, honestly and effectively. They understand the need for alignment and dedicate appropriate experienced resources to participate in project reviews. The best clients understand the criticality of resource planning and share their upcoming capital programs in advance allowing us to better plan to meet their needs.

Recognize value of automation in optimizing operations. Automation standards are established and followed. Project planning is consistent and reliable.

What should an end user expect from a good system integrator?

  1. Flexible and responsible: Client satisfaction at the top of the priority list
  2. Proven work practices: project execution discipline
  3. Accuracy and predictability of costs.

A good system integrator looks out for the end users’ best interests. They understand the big picture, and will work with clients to ensure alignment and transparency throughout the various stages of a project. They will have a standard approach to configuration with good programming practices and adhere to applicable industry and client standards.

Highest priority is placed on excellence in service and quality. Strive to truly become an extension of their internal team. Provide strong domain and platform knowledge. Serve as an end-user advocate for the most cost-effective solutions. Be a trusted advisor in providing guidance on how to identify, develop, and execute projects.

Mark T. Hoske, content manager CFE Media and Technology, Control Engineering,; with input from Amanda McLeman, director of research and awards programs, CFE Media and Technology,

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