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The Perfect PLC has been released!

Learn how the Perfect PLC from Breen Machine Automation Services will change the nature of programming forever for manufacturers.

By Jon Breen April 1, 2020
Looking for the perfect PLC? Look no further! Breen Machine has created it! Courtesy: Breen Machine Automation Services

Breen Machine Presents: The Perfect PLC!

Are you tired of paying too much for the privilege of managing software versions, rewriting the same program over and over, and struggling to do the simplest integrations with data handling? We heard your complaints! Here at Breen Machine, our primary role is programming PLCs, so we know exactly what a programmer needs. After wasting countless hours waiting for the giants to make a better PLC, we finally decided to roll up our sleeves and fix the problem ourselves.

Introducing – the Industry-Changing, Time-Saving, Data-Handling, Ever-Expanding, Future-Proof, Super-Flexible, Perfect PLC!

Perfect PLC to the rescue!

With our Perfect PLC, you never have to worry about software again! It’s INSIDE the PLC. Just open a web browser, type the IP address and you’re in. No more downloading, version management, installation, Windows Update disruption, or stockpiling old laptops.

Version control your programs

Most version control in industrial programming is a manual, frustrating process. Save multiple copies of the program with dates in the names to try to keep track. What changed? Who knows? The diff/compare tools available are frustrating at best. Sure, other PLC manufacturers offer version control solutions if you’re willing to part with an arm or leg. Even then, you have to own and manage a server, meaning more frustrations with software management. That’s against the principles of the Perfect PLC.

Forget expensive HMIs

Most machines require one or more HMIs. These can easily be $2-15k, and for what? Just for simple visualizations at one location?  Skip this outdated model. For a fixed installation, use the Perfect PLC’s built-in HDMI port to run a low-cost display. Or access the same visualizations from anywhere with your phone, tablet, or the computer at your desk.  That’ll keep those damn millennials happy!

Want to get rid of screens entirely? We even support augmented reality! Imagine walking around your equipment with a series of virtual displays relevant to each part. View production data, predictive maintenance highlights, or machine control and status with the flick of a finger!

Cloud connectivity

Most PLCs have poor feature sets when it comes to “Industry 4.0”, data collection, or remote connectivity. If you want to support the PLC without being on site, you have to install another component. If you want to connect to a database, you have to install a separate module for thousands of dollars or buy a specific model of PLC. That’s malarkey! The Perfect PLC leverages its strong, flexible hardware and software to make this all as easy as clicking a button. Write SQL queries right in your programs, setup remote connectivity without extra hardware, and leverage advanced data structures natively. This is all the same PLC – no extra part numbers or special considerations.  You bought the PLC; activate Nerd Mode™ and it’ll treat your data right!


We’ve all heard the horror stories. Hacked palletizers shrink wrapping all the interns isn’t pretty! (who will get us our coffee now?) Nothing should be cloud connected without strong security protocols in place. The Perfect PLC includes best in class security features – encryption, VPN connection, and quantum tunneling. There’s a simple wizard to help you get the best possible security without the 6-month process of requisitioning IT. And if you’re still concerned about security, there’s a switch on the front to disable all cloud functions, completely isolating the system from potential threats.

Wide adoption and support

No PLC is complete without support options. The Perfect PLC shines again. With over a million units in service and thousands of trained programmers around the world, you can count on strong support no matter where you are!  The integrated remote connectivity lets our talented support team connect instantly, saving travel time and expenses, and getting your line running again faster. We’ve even put the phone number on the PLC for quick reference!

For automated troubleshooting, we’ve partnered with IBM Watson to connect remotely and give you a hand. This advanced AI system is great at understanding your questions in plain English and finding the answers in the program.  It’s significantly cheaper than a human programmer, and available instantly. And it keeps getting smarter.

Also visit our award-winning knowledge base which combines full training courses, how-to articles and videos, reviews, certified integrators, and community knowledge sharing all in one place. Automate with confidence! You’re in good hands.

Do we have your attention? Learn more here about the Perfect PLC and Inquire now for a live demonstration!





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Control Champions Unite!

Jon Breen
Author Bio: Jon Breen, owner, Breen Machine Automation Services, LLC