Video: Time sensitive networking – A game changing industrial technology

Time-sensitive networking (TSN) enables multiple industrial Ethernet protocols and commercial Ethernet to coexist on the same physical wire.

By Control Engineering November 17, 2023

Learning objectives

  • Understand how suppliers and end users will benefit from a deeper understanding of connectivity.
  • Identify competitive advantages that come from Ethernet in time sensitive networking.

Time sensitive networking (TSN) is a game changing technology that enables multiple industrial Ethernet protocols and commercial Ethernet to coexist on the same physical wire, sharing the bandwidth of a commercial off the shelf Ethernet cable. The industrial Ethernet is the foundation for factories and process control applications to communicate seamlessly allowing disparate devices and disparate networks to be connected together. Data and information is very important part of the digital transformation: without the industrial Ethernet you could not read or write data that you need from your control system devices and applications. This session is all about the industrial Ethernet and how you can leverage the TSN for your data acquisition needs. TSN provides high performance reliability and quality of service beyond where we’ve ever gone before. It provides the necessary conversions allowing all of the industrial Ethernet protocols to run seamlessly together.

For those of you that remember the fieldbus wars of the past, we’ve now worked together with all the industrial Ethernet organizations and we can take data even from 4 to 20 milliamp systems providing total connectivity.

You will learn about the various industrial Ethernet protocols as well as the OPC UA technology in terms of how all of the organizations are leveraging TSN. The most important aspect of this important technology is the ability to run control and configuration applications at the same time sharing the bandwidth of the network.  You will be able to add new devices to your network and be able to configure and program the devices at the same time running high speed control and ensuring the integrity of your data.