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Courtesy: Opto 22
PLCs, PACs May 8, 2020

Industrial controllers: past, present, future

Increasing technology integration, cross-pollination and connectivity have shaped the development of programmable logic controllers (PLCs), programmable automation controllers (PACs) and today’s edge controllers, indicating how to invest for the future.

By Josh Eastburn
Courtesy: Emerson
PLCs, PACs May 5, 2020

Should I use an edge controller, PLC, or PAC?

Industrial automation end users are finding edge control technologies excel at familiar programmable logic controller (PLC) and programmable automation controller (PAC) applications while delivering future-proof computing and communication options.

By Darrell Halterman
Courtesy: AutomationDirect
PLCs, PACs May 4, 2020

Open-source benefits for industrial controllers

New controller options make it possible to add open-source features to industrial-grade automation. Think of industrial versions of Raspberry Pi or Arduino controllers.

By Bill Dehner
Courtesy of: Breen Machine Automation Services
Automation, Controls May 1, 2020

Know the differences among a PLC, PAC and IPC

A programmable logic controller (PLC), process automation controller (PAC) and industrial PC (IPC) have unique features and benefits, but those traits are blurring as technology becomes more sophisticated.

By Jon Breen
Courtesy: VIPA, New Products for Engineers Database
Machine Safety April 22, 2020

Is your legacy PLC failing you on food hygiene?

Take a look at how PLCs can help address hygiene and food safety issues.

By Edward Ralph
Looking for the perfect PLC? Look no further! Breen Machine has created it! Courtesy: Breen Machine Automation Services
PLCs, PACs April 1, 2020

The Perfect PLC has been released!

Learn how the Perfect PLC from Breen Machine Automation Services will change the nature of programming forever for manufacturers.

By Jon Breen
Opto 22’s groov EPIC is built on open technologies like Linux and MQTT to support a future that can share more and do more. The groov EPIC controller won a 2020 Engineers’ Choice Award in the Industrial Internet of Things Connectivity – Edge Controller category. Courtesy: Opto 22
System Integration February 12, 2020

Five automation design tips for the future

Automation design and system integration: When designing automation for the future, consider open source, capital costs, evolution, multi-vendor capability and cybersecurity.

By Josh Eastburn
Figure 3: Realizing the benefit of providing an easy upgrade path, Emerson designed the latest RX3i platform to have the same footprint as existing 90-30 systems and accept both legacy and new I/O modules. Courtesy: Emerson
PLCs, PACs January 7, 2020

Modern controllers ease upgrades

Legacy industrial automation systems must eventually be ripped and replaced or upgraded. See four challenges and five benefits of upgrades using modern controllers.

By Vibhoosh Gupta
Figure 3: Using secure shell (SSH) access on a Opto 22 groov EPIC, users can install enterprise-class database systems, and a wide variety of other applications, on their factory controller. Courtesy: Opto 22
PLCs, PACs January 6, 2020

Smart factory controllers bring security and connectivity

Powerful edge controllers are replacing PCs on the factory floor and going where PCs can’t, providing a variety of “apps” for every task.

By Josh Eastburn
Nano PLCs with expandable designs allow up to 11 add-on modules for up to 188 I/O points to cover a wide variety of applications. Courtesy: Eaton
PLCs, PACs January 3, 2020

Answers on factory controller upgrades

Nano programmable logic controllers (PLCs) can replace the function of existing equipment and provide Ethernet communication, remote monitoring, e-mail alerts, and integration with supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and other systems.

By Adam Bainbridge