EC: SC On-line UPS

Power — Energy, power protection, UPS: Advanced 700 VA to 3 kVA rackmount SC On-line UPS provides the next-generation level of power protection reliability through the use of high frequency and advanced Digital Signal Processor technology. This is a Control Engineering 2017 Engineers’ Choice Awards Finalist.

October 13, 2016

Falcon Electric’s new on-line, double-conversion SC UPS models represent the next generation of power protection through the use of high frequency and advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology and Surface Mount Device (SMD) technology, as well as other innovations. This is a game-changer within the UPS industry as these combined technologies provide higher reliability, use fewer components and offer a more robust system.

The SC models have been designed especially for applications such as PLCs, SCADA systems, automation, instrumentation, smart machines (IIOT) and PC-based controls.

The main innovations in the SC models are:

  • Most advanced and high frequency DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology
  • Surface Mount Device (SMD) technology
  • Multi-Mode operation
  • Intelligent Self-diagnostic
  • Innovative battery boost circuit allows use of fewer components
  • The use of fewer components leads to higher reliability and higher MTBF
  • Very large design margin for power components, thus higher reliability.

Unlike other UPS systems that don’t use DSP technology or use an earlier-version DSP technology, SC models are based on one the most advanced and high frequency DSP (Texas Instrument’s TMS320f28035). The high performance DSP provides:

  • More accurate measurements of output voltage and currents
  • Fast response to overload and over-voltage conditions
  • The potent computation of DSP allows the addition of special safety features to protect the users as well as the integrity of the UPS power components.

Engineers will especially appreciate many other features/benefits, including wide range of input voltages (90 to 150 Vac) and input frequencies, rack/tower configuration, programmable 50/60 Hz frequency converter.

Falcon Electric Inc.,