Figure 4: AutomationDirect’s C-more HMI mobile app works securely when used in conjunction with the secure StrideLinx VPN router. It’s also available for Google Android. Courtesy: AutomationDirect
HMI, OI September 20, 2019

Selecting HMI remote access options

Two leading methods exist for establishing mobile human-machine interface (HMI) connectivity; one providing more cybersecurity. See table comparison of remote access HMI connections.

By Jonathan Griffith
HMI servers should support multi-client, multi-server and multi-runtime concepts, providing options for local or cloud-based servers and secure communication protocols, such as OPC Unified Architecture, Automation Device Specification or ADS over MQTT (message queuing telemetry transport). Courtesy: Beckhoff Automation
HMI, OI September 16, 2019

New mobile HMI designs respond to user, device requirements

HMI software should mix elements of web design and controls engineering to create effective operator interfaces for industrial displays and mobile devices of all sizes.

By Daymon Thompson
HMI, OI September 12, 2019

Using web browsers for HMI, SCADA applications

New capabilities in mobile-responsive design make human-machine interfaces (HMIs) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) applications more valuable on the plant floor.

By Travis Cox
Figure 1: Intuitive mobile HMIs allow an organization to take advantage of many positive cultural and behavioral changes related to digital transformation, in part by leveraging the same screens and information as operators use in the control room. Courtesy: Emerson
HMI, OI September 5, 2019

A mobile HMI strategy can lead to digital transformation

Leveraging a mobile human-machine interface (HMI) strategy can help an organization’s digital transformation by improving operations and a company’s overall digital intelligence.

By Danny Strinden and Mariana Dionisio
Creators of ‘smart’ textiles from left, PhD student Xi Tian, Research Fellow Dr Pui Mun Lee and Assistant Professor John Ho, together with seven NUS researchers, took a year to develop the conductive clothing. Courtesy: National University of Singapore/ISSSource
HMI, OI August 31, 2019

Smart textiles improve device connectivity for HMIs, medical applications

Researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have incorporated conductive textiles called metamaterials into clothing to connect several wearable devices at once, which could be used for human-machine interfaces (HMIs), health monitoring and other medical applications.

By Gregory Hale
Up to four communication protocols, including leading IT protocols such as Modbus TCP/IP and FTP, can be used simultaneously with high-performance HMIs. Courtesy: IDEC
HMI, OI August 29, 2019

Control system connectivity update

Digitalization, IIoT and Industry 4.0 implementations need communication hubs, a role well-suited to PLCs and HMIs.

By Don Pham and Linda Htay
Courtesy: CFE Media
HMI, OI August 24, 2019

Guidelines for optimizing HMI usability, performance published

The ISA's first American National Standard on human-machine interfaces (HMIs) covers the philosophy, design, implementation, operation and maintenance of HMIs for process automation systems.

By International Society of Automation (ISA)
Courtesy: CFE Media
HMI, OI August 16, 2019

Industrial drive specification criteria for success

The key to selecting an industrial drive is to understand how that drive has been designed and constructed to operate in conjunction with other machines and control systems.

By Paul Streatfield
Courtesy: CFE Media
HMI, OI August 7, 2019

Next-generation control room technologies

Technology and demographics are changing control room design as companies try to lower risk and create appealing environments visually and operationally for the next generation of operators. See eight tips for control room design.

By Matko Papic
Figure 4: A parsing instruction, such as this JSONPARSE block in an AutomationDirect BRX PLC, is needed so the PLC can drill into the layers of objects within a JSON data payload and extract the desired information. Courtesy: AutomationDirect
HMI, OI August 5, 2019

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