Sensors, Actuators

Courtesy: Fluke Reliability
Sensors, Actuators November 24, 2021

Integrating vibration analysis devices with pumps, motors, compressors

An effective vibration measuring program can reduce downtime for manufacturers, but some tools are better situated for certain scenarios, and users should assess application needs and the situation.

By John Bernet
Courtesy: Mark T. Hoske, CFE Media and Technology
Sensors, Actuators November 6, 2021

Benefits of non-invasive measurement in manufacturing applications

While thermowells are often used in process safety measuring, non-invasive measuring can offer many benefits and improved results.

By Guruprasad Sosale
Courtesy: NASA
Sensors, Actuators November 3, 2021

Vibration tests boost electric aircraft project

NASA carried out extensive ground vibration tests for its X-57 "Maxwell" electric aircraft, simulating the stresses it would experience during a real flight.

By Hottinger Brüel & Kjær
Courtesy: Mark T. Hoske, Control Engineering, CFE Media and Technology
Sensors, Actuators October 22, 2021

Smart sensor, compressed air monitoring helps Colgate-Palmolive with net zero carbon target

Emerson’s sensors and analytics help Colgate-Palmolive save energy and optimize production processes in manufacturing facilities, decreasing its carbon footprint. Other Emerson technologies applied to food processing and packaging were shown at Pack Expo Las Vegas, including controls, augmented reality, and pneumatics.

By Mark T. Hoske
Courtesy: Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.
Sensors, Actuators October 4, 2021

Flowmeters enable energy management

Building owners, manufacturers and institutions must seek ways to make their facilities more energy efficient with less environmental impact.

By Bob Griffin
Courtesy: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Sensors, Actuators September 24, 2021

Ferrimagnet control for faster data storage, smaller sensors

MIT researchers have developed a way of rapidly switching the magnetic polarity of a ferrimagnet 180 degrees with a small applied voltage, which could help improve data storage and create smaller sensors.

By David L. Chandler
Sensors, Actuators September 9, 2021

New hydraulic actuator designs offer zero emission options

Compressor stations often employ automated valves activated using pressurized natural gas, requiring improved actuator designs to eliminate emissions.

By John Carroll
Courtesy: Endress and Hauser
Sensors, Actuators September 8, 2021

Reliable multipoint temperature profiling in hydro-processing units

Advanced temperature measurement technology leads to cleaner, safer, and more profitable downstream operations.

By Mark Thomas and Chase Thorn
Courtesy: Endress+Hauser
Sensors, Actuators September 2, 2021

Flowmeter sensors

Ideally suited for measuring the flows of conductive liquids, as well as for volume measurement of water and corrosive liquids.

By Endress+Hauser
Courtesy: Sensaphone
Sensors, Actuators August 30, 2021

Water detection monitoring sensors

The Zone Water Detection Sensor detects the widespread presence of water in areas like floors or drop ceilings.

By Sensaphone