Sensors, Actuators

Sensors, Actuators October 18, 2022

Engineers develop shape-memory material for actuators

MIT researchers have developed a ceramic-based material that could be used for highly efficient actuators for aircraft or other uses, with minimal moving parts.

By David L. Chandler
Sensors, Actuators October 9, 2022

Instrumentation devices are joining the digitalization revolution

Instrumentation devices required regular inspection to identify faults and prevent downtime, requiring large maintenance teams and high costs, but that's changing with digitalization.

By David Bowers
Sensors, Actuators October 5, 2022

Modular automation standard benefits FPSO operations

Costs lowered, greater interoperability from module type package standard

By Pal Roach, Sr.
Sensors, Actuators October 3, 2022

Scalable surface that mimics nature developed

Duke University engineers have developed a scalable soft surface that relies on electromagnetic actuation, mechanical modeling and machine learning to form new configurations.

By Ken Kingery
Sensors, Actuators October 3, 2022

Top 5 Control Engineering content: September 26 to October 2, 2022

The most-viewed content from the past week covered plant instrumentation and controls, Engineering Leaders Under 40, PLC programming, automation mergers and acquisitions and digital twins.

By Chris Vavra
Figure 1: The ability to deploy WirelessHART devices makes monitoring systems much easier to deploy. Courtesy: Emerson
Sensors, Actuators September 8, 2022

Four practical steps to improved sustainability

Digital transformation concepts are the basis for projects to increase efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.

By Shane Hale
Courtesy: Control Engineering, CFE Media and Technology, 
Sensors, Actuators September 2, 2022

Sensor for E. coli risk detection for wastewater environments developed

Researchers at CU Boulder have developed and validated a sensor for E. coli risk detection when detecting contamination in wastewater environments.

By Josh Rhoten
wearable sensors
Sensors, Actuators August 24, 2022

Engineers fabricate a chip-free, wireless electronic skin

The chip-free device senses and wirelessly transmits signals related to pulse, sweat and ultraviolet exposure, without bulky chips or batteries.

By Jennifer Chu
redistribution model
Sensors, Actuators August 19, 2022

2D boundaries could create electricity

Rice lab leads effort to generate thickness-independent piezoelectricity in atom-thick materials. 2D boundaries could be the key.

By Mike Williams
Sensors, Actuators July 17, 2022

Smart face mask, other wearables designed as personal health trackers

University of Missouri researchers developed wearable smart bioelectronic devices and materials for better real-time health monitoring.

By Eric Stann