Control Engineering August 2021 edition gets a grip on applying automation

How to apply automation is the topical focus of the August 2021 digital edition of Control Engineering. Link to the August issue articles below and to prior 2021 issues.

By Mark T. Hoske September 16, 2021
The August 2021 issue of Control Engineering provides information about applying automation, along with other topics. Courtesy: Control Engineering


Learning Objectives

  • Control Engineering helps with applying automation.
  • August 2021 print/digital edition links to more than a dozen articles providing help to apply automation.
  • Controls, automation and instrumentation answers on other topics are available.

It can be complicated for end-users, machine builders, system integrators and automation suppliers to apply and integrate automation in new applications or to existing systems. That’s why Control Engineering, a magazine covering automation, controls and instrumentation since 1954, published more than a dozen articles in and linking to the August 2021 digital edition to help subscribers apply automation. Link to the August 2021 Control Engineering issue table of contents to see those articles, and others, described below. Also link to prior 2021 issues of Control Engineering to date.

Articles to help with applying automation

Control Engineering August articles to help in applying automation include the following topics.

Advanced process control, 5G, batch records

Other important topics in August Control Engineering include advanced control, cybersecurity, 5G, batch records and more:

Other materials include product information, webcasts and online courses.

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