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Diagnostics, Asset Management October 11, 2022

Process diagnostics benefits for manufacturers

Process control equipment advances are making life easier for plant operators and maintenance technicians.

By Greg Wainhouse
40 under 40
Diagnostics, Asset Management September 26, 2022

Top 5 Control Engineering content: September 19-25, 2022

The most-viewed content from the past week covered 2022 engineering leaders under 40, advanced analytics applications, sustainability, automation safety and more.

By Morgan Green
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Diagnostics, Asset Management September 2, 2022

Using advanced analytics applications to improve sustainability

Case studies show how process manufacturers leverage data insights to proactively monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency.

By Mariana Sandin
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Diagnostics, Asset Management August 22, 2022

Managing manufacturing information with data cleansing

Implementing data science and analytics techniques by using data cleansing can help companies in areas such as quality, efficiency and cost reduction.

By Matt Coleman
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Diagnostics, Asset Management August 18, 2022

The electric steel dilemma and its impact on motor vendors

Because of the increased demand for electric steel, it is difficult for vendors to acquire the necessary goods to complete their productions.

By Blake Griffin
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Diagnostics, Asset Management August 8, 2022

Data warehousing provides more than analytics benefits

Data warehousing systems are specifically designed to perform well under significant strain and demand while giving users access to the information they need.

By Bayard Leach
Diagnostics, Asset Management July 19, 2022

Building on analytics foundations to improve operations

Advanced data acquisition methods enable the newest generation of operational analytics.

By John Dunlap
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Diagnostics, Asset Management June 15, 2022

Manufacturing technology orders pass $500 billion for second straight month

April 2022 orders of manufacturing technology totaled $513.4 million, the second month in a row surpassing half a billion dollars.

By Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT)
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Diagnostics, Asset Management June 3, 2022

Providing data warehousing with advanced analytics

With the use of advanced data analytics a reality, manufacturers are paying close attention to their data collection and storage capabilities.

By Bayard Leach
Figure 1: A treemap displays a chemical company’s critical control valve health scores within a production unit. Courtesy: Seeq
Diagnostics, Asset Management June 3, 2022

Advanced analytics improve process optimization

Success stories show how advanced analytics software is used to create insights and improve process efficiency. See three use case examples.

By Allison Buenemann