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Analytics September 24, 2021

How to expand analytics capabilities

Increasing adoption of analytics bridges the gap between process experts and data scientists, encouraging manufacturing collaboration

By Nick Van Damme
Figure 1: This IIoT maturity model depicts how companies progressively digitalize their operations, in order to more effectively access and act on operational data. Courtesy: AutomationDirect
Analytics September 22, 2021

Exploit IIoT to improve operations

Off-the-shelf IIoT solutions use intelligent routers and associated cloud services

By Bill Dehner

How to maximize ROI on EAM software

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September 16, 2021

Tough times call for tougher solutions. The challenges faced by today’s asset and reliability professionals means it is more cri...
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Analytics July 26, 2021

Five steps to select predictive analytics software

Industrial organizations benefit from predictive analytics; engineers can use this advice to select the best predictive analytics solution for their operations.

By Alicia Bowers Millinger
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Analytics July 21, 2021

Your questions answered: Current issues in industrial analytics

Mike Malone, principal process engineer at Toray Plastics America, answered additional webcast questions about data engineering and machine learning as they relate to analytics.

By Mike Malone
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Analytics June 3, 2021

Industrial analytics from the edge up

Industrial manufacturers are using edge controllers and industrial PCs (IPCs) to implement practical analytics initiatives from the edge up, instead of from the enterprise down.

By Silvia Gonzalez
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Analytics May 19, 2021

Securing smart manufacturing and workforce confidence

The importance of real-time IT/OT data access when it comes to improving efficiency and productivity.

By Glenn Schulz
Seeq enables subject matter experts to directly and visually interact with the data of interest to create insights. Seeq R22 software helps users to quickly investigate and share analyses from operations and manufacturing data sources to find insights and answer questions. R22 received 2021 Engineers’ Choice recognition in the Software – Data Analytics category. Courtesy: Seeq
Analytics February 4, 2021

3 data analysis tips: Adapt data, leverage employee skills, innovate

Industry 4.0 requires an appropriate use of data structures, people skills and analytic tools.

By Michael Risse
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Analytics October 29, 2020

How raw data is made ready for applying analytics

Subject matter experts best positioned to judiciously transform process data for analysis

By Michael Risse
For years, researchers from MIT and Brown University have been developing an interactive system that lets users drag-and-drop and manipulate data on any touchscreen, including smartphones and interactive whiteboards. Now, they’ve included a tool that instantly and automatically generates machine-learning models to run prediction tasks on that data. Courtesy: Melanie Gonick, MIT
Analytics February 13, 2020

Most-viewed university articles in 2019

The most-viewed articles from university sources included stories on drag-and-drop analytics, robotic actuators, nanocrystals, and prolonging power plant life with AI. Links to each article below.

By Chris Vavra