Figure: Three top skill sets to get ahead are engineering, project management, and communication/presentation. Courtesy: Control Engineering research, CFE Media and CFE Technology
Discrete Manufacturing February 14, 2020

Hot topics in Control Engineering for 2019

Think Again: Engineering salaries and career tips, object-oriented programming, rate-predictive control, Internet of Things (IoT) and career advice were among top articles posted on the Control Engineering website during 2019.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics February 19, 2020

Autonomous mobile robot market expanding at record pace

The market for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) is growing fast, and there is a lot of demand globally for them in traditional automation, in non-automotive sectors.

By Michael Majchrzak
Reducing operating expenses for food and beverage manufacturing applications does not mean compromising product quality and human safety. Courtesy: CRB
Process Manufacturing February 18, 2020

Improving operations can save money for food, beverage manufacturers

Reducing operating expenses for food and beverage manufacturing applications does not mean compromising product quality and human safety.

By Niranjan Kulkarni
A scanning electron microscope image shows two traces of laser-induced graphene on a polyimide film. A laser mounted to the microscope was used to burn the patterns into the film. The technique shows promise for the development of flexible electronics. Courtesy: Tour Group/Rice University
System Integration February 18, 2020

Laser-induced graphene for flexible electronics

Scientists are using a very small visible beam to burn the foamy form of carbon into microscopic patterns, which could lead to wider commercial production of flexible electronics and sensors.

By Mike Williams
Automation can help food industry workers increase productivity and lower risk. Courtesy: TM Robotics
Robotics February 20, 2020

Human impact: Role of workers with robotics

By Nigel Smith
Video linked to this article online: Jason Andersen, Stratus vice president strategy business line management, explains three tips to consider when choosing an industrial computing platform. Courtesy: McKenzie Burns, CFE Media and Technology
Industrial PCs February 18, 2020

What kind of redundancy: Mirrored server or edge devices?

By Mark T. Hoske
Purdue researchers created hardware technology to use mixed-signal circuits to embed critical information to stop computer attacks. Courtesy: Purdue University
Cybersecurity February 19, 2020

Mixed-signal hardware security thwarts electromagnetic attacks

By Chris Adam
Omron Foundation made a donation to California State University, Chico (Chico State) for an expanded mechatronics laboratory and classroom space. Courtesy: Omron Automation Americas
Mechatronics February 12, 2020

Donation made for mechatronics lab at university

By Omron Automation