Control Systems

Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Control Systems March 11, 2022

Introduction to ICS security fundamentals

It's important to define what industrial control systems (ICSs) are, why they are vital and the unique challenges of securing them.

By Stephen Mathezer
Courtesy: Brett Sayles
Control Systems March 4, 2022

Consequence-driven ICS risk management

Managing control system cyber risk and tactical industrial control system/operational technology (ICS/OT) defense is doable.

By Dean Parsons
Courtesy: AutomationDirect
Control Systems February 3, 2022

Getting actionable data from an ICS

While industrial control systems (ICSs) will always need to provide functionality, there is an increasing focus on obtaining actionable data from automation platforms.

By Damon Purvis
Courtesy: MG Strategy+, Control Engineering
Control Systems January 18, 2022

Six critical components of integrated cybersecurity for industrial control systems (ICS)

Examining industrial control system cybersecurity requires looking at audits, access controls, threat detection, risk mitigation, process sensor security and authentication and vendor collaboration.

By Anil Gosine
Courtesy: Maverick Technologies
Control Systems December 22, 2021

Securing the ICS: Measure solution effectiveness, maturity

ICS security programs need to be evaluated periodically; the evaluation process should be formalized and repeatable.

By Robert Henderson
Control Systems September 20, 2021

Securing the future of industrial controls against cyber threats

The Fortinet OT Symposium, Energy Day, on Aug. 31, provided expert advice and best practices on how to secure the future of industrial controls in the energy sector.

By Gary Cohen
Courtesy: Peter Galan, a retired control software engineer
Control Systems September 2, 2021

Control system improvements: Feed-forward, adaptive, fuzzy control

Control methods that can be more effective than proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controllers, include feed-forward control, disturbance compensation, adaptive control, optimal PID control and fuzzy control.

By Peter Galan
Courtesy: Cynalytica
Control Systems August 21, 2021

An overlooked ICS cybersecurity gap for companies

A critical security gap that is widely ignored – the disparity between the attention applied between TCP/IP and serial network devices security.

By Cynalytica
Courtesy: Wood
Control Systems August 7, 2021

Making industrial control system solutions more adaptable

Industrial control system (ICS) solutions need a new architecture and philosophy is required to be more adaptable to changing environments. Six methods are highlighted.

By Bridget Fitzpatrick
Courtesy: Emerson
Control Systems July 2, 2021

Improving operator performance from field to control room

Digitally transforming operations in the control room can provide new methods for solving problems and improving optimization with increased automation. A refinery projected almost $200,000 in energy savings for five heat-exchangers in 90 days.

By Meha Jha, Marcio Donnangelo and Tim Olsen